Marketing: Digital Tactics and Strategy

Broadly speaking, online marketing includes all existing online tools level to promote and communicate with the mission of achieving the objectives of the company, either increase sales, retain customers, and build stronger brand entity, etc.
The online marketing has a great advantage over traditional marketing, not the masses targets but targets people in particular, as it allows us segmentation very high market, making it much more personal and effective in a Record time.

The strategy at the level of online marketing is embodied in an online marketing plan that defines the objectives of the company, the sector and the competition is analyzed, the right tools are chosen, strategies are defined, actions are implemented to carry out and it is measured and evaluated results.

digital marketingThe main tools of online marketing are:

Web or SEO positioning. By positioning we get to position your website in the top positions of search engines like Google or Bing to attract visitors to your website, blog or social channel.
Sponsored links or SEM. Through campaigns pay per click platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook we managed to attract visitors to your website.
Social Networking or Social Media. It allows you to listen and talk to your customers through social networks like Facebook or Twitter, boosting promotions and launch new products.
Email marketing. It consists of sending newsletters or emails to customers to keep them informed of and products and company news.

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