PPC Campaigns with Google

These campaigns allow you to segment by keywords and assign a price to the company is willing to pay per click while defining a daily and monthly investment budget that will count down each click.

When Google users perform a search for one of the keywords that you have chosen to invest, your ad will appear next to search results on the right and / or top of Google. Because of this, you only pay for those visitors who seek him directly through Google.

These campaigns are recommended for the launch of new websites until a good natural positioning is obtained in the search engine results.

Main advantages of Google Adwords campaigns:

It is paid only to click done, that is, you only pay the actual visits to your website. The budget also can be limited daily so you always control what you spend.
High segmentation by keywords, geographical dimension, timetables, languages, etc.
full investment tracking and ROI or return of clicks. All this lets us know that words are searched and user type is more profitable for your company.



ppc campaigns


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